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Automotive steel
There is two kinds of automobile steel, one is automobile body steel used for shell and frame, another is automobile alloy steel that is key material of engine, transmission system,suspension system etc. Our automobile steel include: heat treated and non-heat treated bearing steel, gearing steel, spring steel and high strength standard parts steel.
Application,Size and Grade of Products
Product Series Grade size(mm) Applications
High-quality carbon structure steel
15~85,C15E,15Mn~70Mn Ф16~Ф300 For Manufacturing of All Kinds of Bearing Parts, Screw, Connecting Rod, Rigging, Metal Tools, etc.
Alloy structure steel
20Mn2~50Mn2,25MnV,27SiMn~42SiMn,40B~50B,40MnB,15MnVB~40MnVB,20MnTiB,15Cr~50Cr, 12CrMo~42CrMo ,12CrMoV,35CrMoV,40CrV~50CrV,15CrMn~40CrMn,20CrNi,20CrNiMo,20CrMnTi,42CrMo(B7),B16,6140,4130,4140 Ф16~Ф250 For Manufacturing of Bearing Parts, Vehicles, Agricultural Machine Parts, Gears, Screw, Connection Rods, Wrench, High Strength Fasteners, etc.
Spring steel
65Mn,60Si2Mn(A),50CrVA,60Si2CrA,60Si2CrVA,55CrMnA Ф16~Ф100
For Manufacturing of Coil Springs for Vechicles or Trains
Gearing steel
45H,15CrH~45CrH,20CrMoH,42CrMoH,20CrMnTiH,20CrNiMoH,16CrMnH,15CrMnBH,40MnBH,20MnVBH,20MnTiBH,22CrMoH(SCM822H),SCr420H Ф16~Ф250 Production as per Chinese GB Standard or Agreed Specifications with Customers; Hardenability accroding to H, HL or HH
Ship anchor chain steel
CM490,CM690 Ф16~Ф160 For Manufacturing of grade 2 and 3 Ship Anchor Chains
Drilling rod steel
20CrMoA~42CrMoA、25NiMnCrMoA、40CrMnMoA、23NiCrMoVA Ф16~Ф40 For Manufacturing of Level D High Strength Sucker Rod and Level H Super Strength Sucker Rod, as well as Stablized Nail Bar
Bearing steel
GCr15,GCr15SiMn Ф16~Ф100 For Manufacturing of Internal and External Bearing Rings, Roller and Balls
Tool steel
T7~T13 Ф16~Ф90 For Manufacturing of Tools
Carbon steel round pipe billet
20,45 Ф50~Ф300 For Manufacturing of Billets for Hot Rolled smls Pipes
Alloy structure round pipe billet
35CrMo,27SiMn,37Mn5,25Mn2V,36Mn2V,16Mn Ф50~Ф300
High pressure smls pipe billet
20G,16Mn,15MnV,12CrMoG,15CrMoG Ф50~Ф300
HRB400、HRB400E、HRB500、HRB500E Ф16~Ф32 For Construction of Buildings, Raiways and Highways
CC round pipe billet YB/T4149-2006
High quqlity carbon structure steel,
Alloy structure steel of all grades
Ф180~Ф600 For Manufacturing of Steel Pipes
Casing pipe H40,J55/K55,M65,L80,N80,C90,C95,T95,P110,Q125 Ф139.7~339.7×6~22.22 For Oil and Gas Industry
Line pipe A25,A,B,X42,X46,X52,X56,X60,X65,X70,X80 Ф141.3~323.9×6~40 For Pipes Transferring flammable liquid
Smls pipe for high pressure boiler 20G,20MnG,15MoG,15CrMoG, 12Cr1MnVG,12Cr2MoG Ф140~325×6~40 For Steam Boiler, Pipes of High Pressure and above
Smls pipe for cylinder 37Mn,34Mn2V,30CrMo,35CrMo Ф140~325×6~40 For Manufacturing of Cylinder
Smls pipe for high pressure fertilizer equipments 20,16Mn,15MnV,12CrMo,15CrMo,12Cr2Mo,1Cr5Mo Ф140~325×6~40 For Equipment and Pipes of High Pressure Chemical Fertilizer
Oil cracking pipes 10,20,12CrMo,15CrMo Ф140~325×6~40 For Boiler Pipes in Oil and Gas Industry, Heat Exchanger, Pressure Pipes
Smls pipe for liquid transfering 10,20,Q345 Ф140~325×6~40 For Ordinary Liquid Transferring
Smls pipe for structure 10,20,35,45,16Mn,12CrMo, 15CrMo,12Cr1MoV Ф140~325×6~40 For Mechanical Structure and Ordinary Project Structure
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