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Spring steel
Size:Ф16~Ф100 7~30×65~110
For Manufacturing of Coil Springs for Vechicles or Trains
Application,Size and Grade of Products
Product Series Grade size(mm) Applications
High-quality carbon structure steel
15~85,C15E,15Mn~70Mn Ф16~Ф300 For Manufacturing of All Kinds of Bearing Parts, Screw, Connecting Rod, Rigging, Metal Tools, etc.
Alloy structure steel
20Mn2~50Mn2,25MnV,27SiMn~42SiMn,40B~50B,40MnB,15MnVB~40MnVB,20MnTiB,15Cr~50Cr, 12CrMo~42CrMo ,12CrMoV,35CrMoV,40CrV~50CrV,15CrMn~40CrMn,20CrNi,20CrNiMo,20CrMnTi,42CrMo(B7),B16,6140,4130,4140 Ф16~Ф250 For Manufacturing of Bearing Parts, Vehicles, Agricultural Machine Parts, Gears, Screw, Connection Rods, Wrench, High Strength Fasteners, etc.
Spring steel
65Mn,60Si2Mn(A),50CrVA,60Si2CrA,60Si2CrVA,55CrMnA Ф16~Ф100
For Manufacturing of Coil Springs for Vechicles or Trains
Gearing steel
45H,15CrH~45CrH,20CrMoH,42CrMoH,20CrMnTiH,20CrNiMoH,16CrMnH,15CrMnBH,40MnBH,20MnVBH,20MnTiBH,22CrMoH(SCM822H),SCr420H Ф16~Ф250 Production as per Chinese GB Standard or Agreed Specifications with Customers; Hardenability accroding to H, HL or HH
Ship anchor chain steel
CM490,CM690 Ф16~Ф160 For Manufacturing of grade 2 and 3 Ship Anchor Chains
Drilling rod steel
20CrMoA~42CrMoA、25NiMnCrMoA、40CrMnMoA、23NiCrMoVA Ф16~Ф40 For Manufacturing of Level D High Strength Sucker Rod and Level H Super Strength Sucker Rod, as well as Stablized Nail Bar
Bearing steel
GCr15,GCr15SiMn Ф16~Ф100 For Manufacturing of Internal and External Bearing Rings, Roller and Balls
Tool steel
T7~T13 Ф16~Ф90 For Manufacturing of Tools
Carbon steel round pipe billet
20,45 Ф50~Ф300 For Manufacturing of Billets for Hot Rolled smls Pipes
Alloy structure round pipe billet
35CrMo,27SiMn,37Mn5,25Mn2V,36Mn2V,16Mn Ф50~Ф300
High pressure smls pipe billet
20G,16Mn,15MnV,12CrMoG,15CrMoG Ф50~Ф300
HRB400、HRB400E、HRB500、HRB500E Ф16~Ф32 For Construction of Buildings, Raiways and Highways
CC round pipe billet YB/T4149-2006
High quqlity carbon structure steel,
Alloy structure steel of all grades
Ф180~Ф600 For Manufacturing of Steel Pipes
Casing pipe H40,J55/K55,M65,L80,N80,C90,C95,T95,P110,Q125 Ф139.7~339.7×6~22.22 For Oil and Gas Industry
Line pipe A25,A,B,X42,X46,X52,X56,X60,X65,X70,X80 Ф141.3~323.9×6~40 For Pipes Transferring flammable liquid
Smls pipe for high pressure boiler 20G,20MnG,15MoG,15CrMoG, 12Cr1MnVG,12Cr2MoG Ф140~325×6~40 For Steam Boiler, Pipes of High Pressure and above
Smls pipe for cylinder 37Mn,34Mn2V,30CrMo,35CrMo Ф140~325×6~40 For Manufacturing of Cylinder
Smls pipe for high pressure fertilizer equipments 20,16Mn,15MnV,12CrMo,15CrMo,12Cr2Mo,1Cr5Mo Ф140~325×6~40 For Equipment and Pipes of High Pressure Chemical Fertilizer
Oil cracking pipes 10,20,12CrMo,15CrMo Ф140~325×6~40 For Boiler Pipes in Oil and Gas Industry, Heat Exchanger, Pressure Pipes
Smls pipe for liquid transfering 10,20,Q345 Ф140~325×6~40 For Ordinary Liquid Transferring
Smls pipe for structure 10,20,35,45,16Mn,12CrMo, 15CrMo,12Cr1MoV Ф140~325×6~40 For Mechanical Structure and Ordinary Project Structure
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