Major Equipments

There are one Φ1350 semi-continuous rolling line for big sizes, one Φ650 semi-continuous rolling line for medium sizes, one continuous rolling line for small sizes. The mill is equipped with heating furnace, high pressure water descaling, hot shear, hydraulic shear, rotary shear, crank shear, caliper, profilometer,

on-line controlled rolling and cooling equipment, hot saw, grinding wheel saw, cold shear, rack stepping cooling bed, bar collection and automatic packing devices. This small bar continuous rolling line is the first one in China to use controlled rolling and cooling technology and DSD technology that is the leading in the world.

There are four automatic continuous finishing lines equipped with bar straightening machine, chamfering machine, shot blasting machine, eddy current testing machine, magnetic flux leakage testing machine, ultrasonic testing machine, annealing furnace, peeling machine, coreless grinder, collecting, weighing and other supporting facilities, that have the ability to inspect internal and external defects of steel and to produce non-defect steel.

End-in-end-out walking beam heating funace
Two-roller reversible blooming machine
Large bars hot rolling line
Shot biasting
ECCD-UT inspection machines
Vertical-horizontal continuous rolling line
DSD deducting and sizing machine
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