Major Equipments

There are hot rolling line, heat treatment line and threading line, equipped with double regenerative ring heating furnace, new cone roll piercing machine, new ACCU-ROLL pipe rolling machine, 14-stand sizing machine, six-roll straightening machine, pipe cutting saw, quenching furnace, tempering furnace, CNC threading machine, ultrasonic testing machine, flux leakage testing machine, pipe end magnetic testing machine, hydraulic testing machine, weighing and marking machine, this make good capacity of hot rolling, heat treatment and finished casing.

Ring-like Heating Fumac
Piercing Machine
Flux Leakage Inspection Machine
Quenching Furnace
UT Inspection Machine
Hydro Test Machine
Length Weight Measurement Machine
Three-roller Sizing Line With 14 Machines
MPI for pipe ends
Danobat Threding Machine from Spain
Coupling Threading Machine
Pipe Inspection
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